Wednesday, August 29, 2007

North Salt Lake In Discussion Over Library

They have a novel idea on how to do it.

Don't raise taxes. Save for the future!

What a strange idea.


via Deseret News.


Natalie said...

Tyler, if he has that kind of money to save, aren't we paying too much in taxes right now?

I'm not complaining. I love the library. I was storytime mom for a couple of years. I was just wondering.

Tyler Farrer said...

Yes, I've thought of that.

On the other hand the default position to take is to claim there is never enough money without a tax increase.

This is a remarkably different problem than I am used to facing.

Allie said...

If my taxes have not been raised recently for that kind of saving, I'm okay with it.

Especially if they lower taxes once all the libraries are built and they only need money to maintain and acquire new books.