Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Property Tax Hearings: Spitting Into The Wind

I've been debating whether it is worth my time to attend the County hearing tomorrow night as I had planned. I am coming off a little shrill on my blog as I get closer to this event, and I'm not sure that I'm going to have an impact this time. Here is why.

  • I never got a response to my email sent a week ago, to the commission, on the proposed budget.
  • The most logical move for the commission, given that they remained silent on the tax increase, is to increase the budget to the levels requested. This translates into a nearly 50 percent increase in spending this year over last.
  • Although, there were a dozen responses to my poll indicating opinion is firmly against the budget increase, and last December's attendants to the "Truth in Taxation Hearing" were overwhelmingly opposed to the increase, the commission voted in the increase. The current commission have remained silent on that fact--even now.


Jeremy said...


Go to the hearing. I sometimes feel that it is a complete waste of time for me to blog because there are only about 6 people who ever read what I write but it is my way of participating in the debate anyway.

Our elected officials need to know that what they are doing flies in the face of the vast majority of taxpayers who disagree with them. This may be the only time they face the real wrath of the people they govern until next time they decide to raise taxes on us. They aren't getting any real opposition during election season so it would be nice to let them know on this occasion that they can't take the support of 75% of Davis County voters for granted when they behave against our interests.

I'm going to the hearing. I'm leaving my office at the Davis County Courthouse at 5:00 PM, taking off my county employee badge, and walking over to the Junior High School just so my presence there will contribute to the message our Commission (and Auditor) need to hear. They can't act with impunity and expect we won't notice. There may not be anything we can do about their tax increase but we can at least let them know that we have noticed what they are doing.

David said...

Go to the hearing. I know it feels like a waste of time, but talking without doing what you can looks hypocritical and worst and insincere at best.

Even if(when) they ignore your input at the hearing, you still demonstrate that there is opposition to their actions. Also, you can take notes and publicize on your blog what happens at the hearing. They will have a harder time pretending that this was what everyone wanted, or that people did not care.