Thursday, May 31, 2007

Uninsured Seeking Care:A Number Between 3 And 15

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that Davis County has received one-half million dollars to open a Health Clinic in the County, whereas the Deseret News is saying that the grant was a puff of smoke.

Don't they know that smoking isn't allowed?

My wish would be that the County didn't get the money. Here is why. The county says that 10% of the population of the county is uninsured. That is about 27,500 by my figuring. The Midtown facility turns away 20 per day, of which we don't know how many are actually Davis County residents, but if they were all from Davis County (not likely) that would come to 7,300 seeking care at Midtown. Midtown actually cares for 1,000 from Davis County which is 3 percent of the total uninsured. You add that figure to those seeking care at Midtown that will now come to Davis County and you will have 30 percent of the total number seeking care at Davis County with only 15 percent of the total number getting care. What percentage of the 15 percent actually live in Davis County is anyone's guess? Somewhere between 3 and 15 percent is the right answer.

What are the odds that we will be treating one of the uninsured 27,500 Davis County residents out of the 4,300 annually when we have to pick a number between 3 and 15?

I want to see how many of those turned away at Midtown are from Davis County before I worry about the uninsured in Davis County.

This is all before asking the question, 'Why is 10 percent of Davis County uninsured'? And why am I paying for them?


wordsfromhome said...

Perhaps a mere relevant question is why are 20 people a day turned away at the Midtown Clinic? And why to fully employed but still impoverished people have one of three choices for health care when they have a child burning up with fever and respiratory distress: 1- Go to the emergency room (we all pay for it.) 2- Go three hours before it opens to a free clinic run by kind medical people who donate their time, and wait for maybe that many more hours. This happens every Wednesday afternoon at a clinic in Layton where a lot of uninsured people go. 3- Make some chicken soup and hope that the disease runs its course soon.

I know from experience that providing health insurance in a small company is getting extremely expensive, and even people making $15 or more a hour cannot afford it. Universal medical care is another problem that needs to be addressed, and would be a much more sane place to put our tax dollars than that abominable war that Bush is spending them on.

WP said...

Barack and Hillary both have solutions Tyler. It works in Canada and they laugh at us here in the USA. Because of our greed, money politics and your R party we have a very busted system.

Will you watch 'Sicko' when Michael Moore debuts it here? I saw a promo. A working man goes to the hospital who has injured his hand at home, cut off two fingers with his table saw. The hospital says $60K for attaching the middle finger, $12K for the 3rd finger so he opts for that. Maybe he should have mailed the middle finger to Newt G or Tom Delay, maybe even W.

We need universal health care for all of us.

Allie said...

My Mr. and I opted out of his company plan because it was getting too expensive. I think it costs nearly 1000 a month now, and it really isn't very good insurance.

The plan we have now has gone up $200 a month since we switched two years ago.

It's crazy.

Instead of people voting based on abortion and same sex marriage, I wish they'd vote based on affordable health care.

(not that everyone is a one-issue voter- but it seems like those two issues are often deal-makers to people I've talked to)