Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hatch Skate Park Update

Last night, I had a conversation with a 15 year old skater that I know through the Boy Scouts of America. As it turns out he, and a bunch of his skater friends, attended Tuesday nights NSL City Council meeting in which the fate of the park was discussed. He tells me that the skate park will be moved to behind the tennis courts and fenced in. He seem pleased with the result but thought it might even be better if the city were to charge a yearly fee to those that use the skate park. That way, only those who are interested in skate boarding will go there, and that would hopefully cut back on the crime and drug dealing that, he says, goes on there. He's actually been afraid to go skate boarding there because of the gangs that will target skaters, and vice-versa.

Incidentally, I was called bigoted the other day because I said that Bountiful citizens were right to question the location of a skate park. As if location is unimportant as a consideration. If I'm a bigot because of my concerns that I'm happy that label.

Bigot? Is that all you've got?


JasonBunting said...


Hmm, if you go back and read your post, you said nothing about your claim that "Bountiful citizens were right to question the location of a skate park." You simply said "Bountiful tried to put in a skate park, but didn't due to active citizen/neighbors." Quite different, and kind of screws up the basis for your reasoning here regarding my giving you a hard time because of _location_ of the proposed skate park.

I called you a bigot because it was rather obvious that you feel skaters are somehow inherently of less worth than others. You can go ahead an deny your feelings on this if you want to, but you are not fooling me, bigot.


Tyler Farrer said...

If you look at what I said in that post, then you have no basis from which to call me a bigot. Just as you claim I have no basis to claim I was talking about location.

I've created a new topic called 'skaters' which is available on my sidebar. Check it out to see what I have said about this issue.

I've said a whole lot more than you've given me credit for, and meant a whole lot less than you've imagined.

JasonBunting said...

Are you telling me what I can and can't imagine? Man, you have some nerve! Not only are you a bigot (thanks for creating a post for my quote, by the way, I love it!) but you are now trying to control my imagination!

Tyler Farrer said...

A better word than 'imagined' would have been 'intimated'.

Nerve? You be the judge.

I'm not very good at mind control. At least not the Jedi-mind trick variety. I've just been waving my hand at the monitor seeing what I could do. I'll tell you what, I'll keep practicing.