Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bountiful Dump: Non-residents Keep-Out

I was over at my sister's this weekend lamenting the fact that non-Bountiful Residents cannot enter the Bountiful Dump. We had to call my brother to drive in a truckload. I did a little research into this apparent absurdity only to conclude that it is perfectly correct that I am required to show that I am a Bountiful Resident before dumping there.

If you're wondering, the dump is owned and operated by Bountiful, not the County. Residents of the County may dump their junk in Layton. Bountiful opted out of participation in the 'Service District' in 1984 and even participated in a legal battle concerning some fees imposed that went up to the Utah Supreme Court.

As an aside, there appears to be a vibrant bird watching community that hovers about the dump. I wonder if those Legacy highway detractors knew about that?