Friday, May 18, 2007

That Villain In Your Head

I think its time that I make a declaration of loyalty to my conservative ideals. I think just because I don't match the villainous caricature of a conservative that people boo in their heads, that I will jump ship. (My little head-villain dances in little tap shoes and twirls his greasy mustache to piano music.)

Now, as one commenter insists, I may be a bigot. I may not speak ill of Democrats in general. I certainly don't speak ill of Republicans in that same sense, but I am not a liberal.

Just thought you ought to know.

(Resume evil villain dance)


RudiZink said...

Why not just quit labeling yourself altogether?

The Liberal-Consevative dichotomy became useless after the cold war anyway, BTW.

Why not just consider issues one-by-one, using common sense, without the over-riding ideological baggage?

Just a thought.

Tyler Farrer said...

My point is to say that I won't be jumping the Republican ship any time soon.

And I do believe in clarifying my own ideology--dated or not.