Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Popularity And Polarity

WP simul-blogs at both Centerville Citizen is a Democrat and A View from the Stern. Sometimes his posts are identical, but these posts are only nearly identical. The titles are all that's different.

For my Republican friends too...

The Hospital for the Boston Celtics and me...

The post is a travel log about WP's recuperative visit to a Boston Area Spine Center. Why is this post meant for Republicans? It seems that WP has asked a lot of folks in Massachusetts what they think about their former Governor, Mitt Romney. It turns out that they didn't like him in, perhaps, the most liberal state.

Big deal. I think all that I have to do is to quote the snake, "You knew what I was when you picked me up."


You know, I read 'Centerville Citizen' because I like to know what is happening in Centerville, and I read 'A view from the stern' because I like WP. Sometimes those two worlds intersect ever so slightly and provide an interesting view of the author.


WP said...

Tyler you are too kind. Beware of the dark side. If you first tolerate evil ever so slightly, (and I like the use of your snake metaphor), then you befriend it and come to embrace it. Careful here Tyler as you may be wanting a Hillary sign in your yard before the '08 elections!

Tyler Farrer said...


They are all 'snakes', conservatives and liberals. Hillary too!