Wednesday, May 16, 2007

That Sound You Hear Is Not A Death-Rattle

I've been absolutely dying to post something of use. In fact, for the last week I've been working on a post about religion and its appropriate expression in the political sphere, but I haven't had the heart to post it. I just might be too much for general consumption. Most people just won't get it. I can imagine the comments now.

"Tyler, I had no idea that you were an atheist. I mean, have you read the Bible?"

"Tyler, you religious nuts drive me crazy. It's all your fault that my property taxes are skyrocketing."

"Tyler, Do you agree with me or not that all the Book of Mormon prophets were liberal and would have voted for Kerry?"

"Tyler, Satan is laughing right now that you posted this, and he's going to cause illegal aliens to move into your home!"
Okay, so I'm nervous to say what I'm about to say, but it is pertinent. I attended an ad-hoc meeting of conservative minds, and I was repulsed by what I heard. I had a crying baby in my arms or I would have spoken up but here is the gist of what I heard.

Somebody went on about what I call the "North American Union". They called it something else--I don't recall--an acronym. My response, show me one administration official that is talking like this and I'll listen to what you have to say. Give me a quote, source it!

Next we had a foray into internet pornography. A comment was made that in California, over 200 anti-pornography bills were put forward and none of them passed. Then they began to mull over how 'Satan wanted these bills to fail'. My question is, what did these bills contain? Give me a run-down of the bills? If they were anything like the anti-pornography laws that we've passed in this state-those that punish ISP's, then I would oppose those too.

Then we talked about the return of the ERA. We were told that the liberals had secretly introduced this legislation that would amend the constitution 'under the radar'. 'Very few people know that this legislation has been introduced'. What do I think? Ted Kennedy has introduced this legislation every year since it was first killed. Those who are watching aren't surprised. Should we worry about it? Probably, but it was hardly a stealth operation.

My overall point is that almost nothing can be accomplished in this country unless it is talked about, on a large scale, by a lot of people. People who can impact change.

Big conspiracies--most of them--don't exist because they require large numbers of people to carry them out.

Conspiracies take time.

And you're asking yourself why is someone who is insanely focused on local issues, talking about all these national figures and events?

It's simple. I'm urging all who read this to take a step back from the brink. Think more locally yourself.

It might just save your sanity.


Jeremy said...

I think both sides have their share of weirdos.

I don't have to attend an ad hoc meeting of my party's wacked out extremists to hear what they're saying...I just click on over to

I think my recent interest in local policy issues over national is partially a result of my distaste for the extremists from both sides of every popular national policy debate.

Tyler Farrer said...

Agreed, and I'm sure glad that the first comment in this thread didn't call me a Satanist, or a Saint!

David said...

Oh boy Tyler, you really are sounding like a Satan-worshiping atheist on this one ;-)

Actually you are right-on here. I spend my fair share of time talking about national issues but I know that local politics are where it all starts.

We have national media that tend to frame all political questions in a national context, but imagine how different Washington would be if our members of Congress were debating these national issues by representing their states and districts rather than representing their parties. Only the President is elected by the whole nation.

There's no reason that Ted Kennedy should be trying to win the hearts and minds of people in New York - he should stick to representing the people of Massachusetts. Nor should Orrin Hatch be representing the interests of the people in Washington DC.