Wednesday, June 27, 2007

When Local Bloggers Attack...

Fight back.

Mark Towner rarely comes up with any original content on his site, meaning he copies wholesale from other sources, but when he does can you say "lawsuit"?

He plans to sue another local blogger, Jesse Harris for "slander"(Does he mean libel?). Jesse isn't taking this sitting down, and plans to fight back.

Is it any wonder that Towner has garnered so many enemies, both liberal and conservative?


Mark E. Towner said...

Does this make you feel better? What exactly have I done or said to produce such vile comments from people I have never met?

What was you goal in attacking me?

Mark Towner

Tyler Farrer said...


I'd hardly say what I posted was "vile", but regardless, I don't have a high opinion of those who would sue a blogger over such a silly thing.

RudiZink said...

Right on, Tyler!

Mr. Towner seems to feel it's ok to use the "slegehammer" approach...

wheh flyswatters might work better.