Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Foul, Reeking, Pollution

My family went to Hatch park last night and encountered a foul-mouthed teenager that made me cringe. Those were not words I wanted to teach my kids.

How many times does approaching a person and asking them kindly to stop just lead to more profanity, or ridicule?

I didn't ever find out if my politely asking would have ended the infraction because the kids stopped swearing before I could get over to them.

On a similar note, the Davis County Health Department has banned smoking in public. (Golfers remain unprotected by Daddy-County Health).

We don't ban the exhaust from automobiles, and we don't ban refineries.

What do you think?


Jeremy said...

This is a great example of nanny government at its worst. A ban on OUTDOOR smoking in public places is a pathetic waste of our government's time.

Nice that there is an issue we can agree on every once in a while!

Tyler Farrer said...

Yeah, and the thing is that I hate smoke. Yet, on my way home from the park yesterday, I encountered a man smoking in his front driveway.

We gave him a friendly hello, (while keeping our distance), and kept walking.

It's a night and day reaction, on my part, to the profane teens. I wouldn't have minded the swearing if it hadn't reached my kids ears, but I wouldn't ask the government to stifle those kids.

We live in a hazardous world, and we must do our best to avoid its pitfalls on our own. The government will usually botch measures put in for our protection.

Natalie said...

I don't support the outdoor smoking ban, but am not concerned enough to actively oppose it either. I do think that in some crowded, confined outdoor spaces (I'm thinking about the lines at Disneyland) people shouldn't smoke. I think most people already restrain from smoking in line (and in crowds in outdoor public places). You can't legislate courtesy. But, by golly, the county is going to try!

I bet there is a law or ordinance somewhere about profanity. Did you call and register a complaint with the city?

Tyler Farrer said...

Natalie, I'm in the same boat as you. I'm not going to fight this one just on principle.

Law against profanity?

I guess I've never considered that.