Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Do Away With Public Schools?

Of all places, I found a conservative article in the L.A. Times, and by noted columnist Jonah Goldberg to boot!

That being said, what Goldberg is suggesting may not make it into your particular medicine bag. I give it here as food for thought, without commentary. (Though, you've had much commentary from me on the subject before, so you might...might guess my view. But, then again, you've been wrong before.)

L.A. Times: Do away with public schools


Davis Didjeridu said...

You, among other conservatives, always conflate the New York Times so-called (though really non-existent) "liberal bias" with every other paper with "Times" in the title. In fact, the LA Times has NEVER been a liberal rag, and has consistently been relatively conservative, especially when it comes to unionism.
That being said, Goldberg's column illuminates the endgame of voucher proponents. While you may not believe it will happen, make no mistake that is the ultimate goal of All Children Matter, Friedman Foundation, and other national groups trying to make Utah a test case for vouchers.

Tyler Farrer said...

I disagree, and the reason that I posted this without comment is to get this idea to emerge from the grass without prematurely shooting it down.

(I apologize in advance that you had to be my ultimate target.)

The idea that the end-game for vouchers is the demise of public schools is wrong.

Vouchers are a compromise made to allow both private and public schools to compete on neater terms.

You will agree that subsidies already exist for public schools. Why should subsidies not exist for private schools too?

Proponents of the idea that public schooling should be eliminated, should not vote in favor of vouchers, because it hurts their aims. Vouchers, that we are going to vote on in November, are a constructive tool that allows public schools to have more money and less cost per pupil.

How does this arrangement hurt public education?

(By the way, you've now learned that I am perfectly fine with public education's continued existence. In fact, I hope it thrives.)

Davis Didjeridu said...
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