Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Do Unions Help Anyone?

17 out of 900 Davis County employees have joined a union, the U.A.G.E. which represents government employees from Salt Lake through Ogden. The question is, is this helpful to county employees and the county itself?

Unions seem to be a dinosaur that has outlived its usefulness. Of course, government can be antediluvian too. My reading says that unions can save a persons job if it is in jeopardy, raising the point that some jobs may not be worth saving--a government job worth saving? Unions can negotiate higher wages, or it can do what it has done for unionized teachers and pit the administrations best interests against those of the teachers. Which is why school administrators count themselves among the number of teachers, when the legislature is passing out 'teacher' raises.

Unions participate in politics in a very partisan way, entrenching its members in political movements that may not enrich anyone but the union.

I'll say it again. Who is helped by unions?


J-Man said...

The first thing to go in a facist regime are Unions.

Because of rhetoric like this Utah citizens don't have a clue to the good that unions have provided their members.

Try looking at the positives Tyler, if you are capable?

Tyler Farrer said...

Fair enough.

Other than the prevention of impending fascism, what are the good things that unions give their members?

Jeremy said...

As one of the 883 Davis County employees who declined to join the union I have to say that I agree with you. I don't see how Davis County or its employees will benefit with union organization.

WP said...

I believe unions are and can be essential in the balance of power between workers and employers. History teaches us both sides have been and are guilty of egregious abuse and violation of their positions of authority and trust. Right now the employees of Wal Mart would benefit from union organization. On the other hand Costco employees are well paid, happy for the most part, and enjoy the benefits of employment there. There are many places yet in the world where workers, including women and children are little more than slaves.

I guess Jeremy and Tyler it really comes down to who is drawing the short stick with the paycheck and benefits.

Tyler Farrer said...


Fair enough, but in your case I can't imagine that a Union would benefit your employees.

I think there are many more times that employers do have the best interests of those they hire at heart.