Thursday, July 05, 2007

Spending Your Childrens Future

If the board approves the local tax increase, it would mean homeowners would pay an additional $17 a year on a $190,000 home, which is estimated to be a median-priced home in Davis County. Board members are trying to be cautious about raising property taxes, but they need the money for the $555 million budget for the 2007-2008 year to work.
[italics are mine]

Translation: Davis County School Board has budgeted for money that is not there. When private citizens do that, they end up in the poor house. I'm anticipating a pay raise this summer, but if I put in a pool on that assumption, I'd have to send my crazy cousin Eddie to kidnap my boss.

Hat tip: UtahRattler


WP said...

Our schools are underfunded and I am in favor of the increase. I do not even have any kids in school here so I would be contributing to yours and my grandkids. I am glad to do so because Utah has such needs in the classroom.

When are you going to see Sicko Tyler? You can see what has happened to our health care system by privatizing it. Vouchers are the first steps toward a similar debacle in education.

He (MM) does bash Dems as he does R's. It is fair.

Tyler Farrer said...

"He (MM) does bash Dems as he does R's. It is fair."

Yes, but does he (MM) bash socialized medicine as he does the free-market solution?

That would be fair.

WP said...

I am not sure there are any socialized medicine programs in any industrialized nation that can be bashed when compared to the broken system we have here. All Canadians I have spoken with about it, love theirs, and laugh at ours.

Tyler, do you go to the library and check out their 'socialized' books? How about calling our socialized FD the next time you need a paramedic or to put out a fire? Blackwater is doing a good job as a free market solution to our army in Iraq. But they, like our free market health care are exorbitantly expensive.

If I buy you two tickets and pay for babysitting will you go see SiCKO?

wordsfromhome said...

I would like to point out that in his film, MM does ask pointed questions to participants and providers in the Canada, Great Britian, and France that might have shown us how much they hated their health care systems. But the answers were very positive about universal health care, both from caregiver and from patient viewpoints. He would have bashed it if there was something to bash. I second WP's offer.

Tyler Farrer said...


I'd much rather you spend your money on your health care than on me entertainment. I'll see the movie when it comes out on DVD. (I'm afraid there is no convincing my wife to see a documentary on a date).