Sunday, July 29, 2007

Beware of bloggers who weave...a web of deception

Brad Gillman's article is now up on the Standard Examiner. Take a look! It provides a good overview of the mixed bag that is, 'the blog'. I am surprised about how many of my quotes made it into the article.

Thank you Brad for the interesting read.


RudiZink said...

You were the only blogger who agreed to be interviewed; so why should you be surprised?

When Mr. Gillman called me for my interview, and disclosed he planned to do a piece about the inherent inaccuracy of blogs, I politely declined, BTW.

You're the only blogger who "took the bait" for just another ant-blog hit piece.

Smarter bloggers than you just told Gillman to "go to hell."

Tyler Farrer said...

Well, I'm certainly glad that there are "smarter bloggers" out there than me. Fact is, I agree with the premise of the article.

There is an inherent weakness in blogs. Taken on its own, any one blog, could be inaccurate.

However, there are corrections built into blogs, that if used make blogging a great tool. These corrections were mentioned in the article.

First, no blog is an island. Bloggers found to be reliable will get linked to by others.

Second, blog errors can be corrected in the comments by the readers.

Third, bloggers who source their material are to be trusted more than bloggers who don't.

I thought this a good chance to inform the public. Show me the bias in the article?

Jeremy said...


Sorry but after a quick perusal of Weber County Forum and the comments people have left on your property tax post today I have to agree with Tyler and the S-E. Anyone who relies on bloggers for their news and commentary with a lot of faith in the accuracy of the information they are getting is a fool.

The blogosphere has its place but criticism of its many innacuracies is warranted.