Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fun With Polls

Blogger has added a polling engine, which I'm now testing. You may remember that I garnered some local fame for admitting to hacking a local Clipper poll.

Of course, lots of folks hacked that poll, but I alone admitted to it.

Just understand that I have very little faith in the legitimacy of this poll that I will be running. If you hack it, then it will be fairly obvious.

I think it more than likely that I will only have one or two votes anyway.

Update: I see two votes! I can sleep tonight.

Update: It's been pointed out to me that the 49.5% increase is not a tax increase, but an increase in this years proposed budget! This is far more damning for the current commission than the lame-duck commission! The County portion of the increase approved last December is actually 32.3%.

Did your spending this year increase by 50%?

It seems that there are none innocent in this affair!


Tyler Farrer said...

I just voted, then cleared my cookies. My vote appeared to have vanished.

This is excellent. Blogger must have a record of my ip so that when I erase my cookie and try to vote again, it essentially discards my previous vote. I get a chance to change my vote, but not vote again.

No ballot shenanigans here!

Jeremy said...

I bet someone could find a way to break it :-)

I voted. Once.

Cool feature.

Rob said...

Damn, I was hoping to win this poll too.

Tyler Farrer said...

There is definitely a way to break the poll.

It's broken, no doubt already.

The thing is, I'm not pretending it's secure.

And, Rob, you do win this poll if you oppose the tax.