Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lame-Ducks Tax: Sophmore Commission Spends

Remember the Average value of a home in Davis County last December was 180,000? That estimate has gone up in eight short months to 210,000.

That's good right?

Not if you live in Davis County.

The County has reassessed the values of homes in South Davis County this year, and has jumped at the opportunity to increase spending to match. They want to increase spending by nearly 50%.

I will pay 303.13 more this year, than last, if the new budget is approved! That is remarkably higher than the average 61.79 on a $210,000 residence. And, my home's value is below average.

If the budget increase is not approved, I will pay 90.64 less than if it is not.

What will the county tell me if I ask?

'Well, you'll be paying $30 of $90 to the School District. It's not our fault. You're only paying us $53.64!'

My problem is that I can't afford to increase my tax budget by 50%! Not without cutting something else. $300 dollars is the cost of an affordable bathtub. $300 is an annual membership for one person at the Bountiful Rec Center.


Rob said...

No New Taxes!

Jeremy said...

What if South Davis hasn't been paying its fair share up to this point? Isn't it possible that now that your property assessment has been brought up to fair market value you're now paying the taxes you should have been paying for the past 5-8 years when assessments in South Davis were too low?

Tyler Farrer said...

I'm confident that it is up to its market value, as I am that North Davis isn't. What this does is flood the coffers of the county with more money than they can legally take. As a result they will lower the rate giving my money back to the average homeowner, rather than back to me.

My point is that with property values increasing, there was never a need for a tax increase, and hardly a need for a 50% increase in spending.

Better to give some of that money back to the Senior citizens who are second in number, only to those in Washington County.

Jeremy said...

An increase in property values doesn't increase the amount of money in a taxing entity's budget. Budgets can only be increased when revenue is brought in from new construction or from publicized tax increases.

Tyler Farrer said...

Jeremy, I'll concede your point. You are correct that budgets are increased based upon new growth.