Friday, July 27, 2007

An Open Letter To The Davis County Commission

I'm concerned about the recent notice informing us of a proposed 49.5% increase in the county budget. Of course, this follows a tax increase implemented by a lame-duck commission last December. My question is why is the current commission taking its marching orders, by increasing spending, from a body of people that no longer convene? The move of the former commission was so unpopular with the public that there were only two out of a dozen people that spoke in favor of the tax at the hearing.

It could be said of Commissioner Milburn, that he had a mandate to act to keep spending low, considering how smartly he beat the incumbent, Mr. McConkie, while campaigning on the issue of low taxes. It seems, however, that he is more interested in passing accountability onto the citizenry when he says that tax hearings are "an opportunity for the residents to do their own prioritization."

I would hope that this newly elected body would begin their public service more modestly, and restrict spending. Note, we, in the south part of the county recently received our new property assessments and found that the value of our homes have increased greatly. Our personal budgetary concerns are high enough without the new high watermark set by an increase in this years budget. What will be required in taxes from us in future years if we ratchet up our spending now?

Let me remind you that the former body of commissioners have no authority to mandate how you spend our taxes. They acted contrary to the will of the people in raising taxes, and you would be remiss to ignore us now.

Tyler Farrer


Jeremy said...

Don't blame me...I voted for the other guys :-)

I think this whole situation supports my earlier contention on this blog and elsewhere that one party government is bad for Davis County. There really is very little accountability for Republicans when there isn't any real partisan competition.

Your party is screwing the taxpayers and there aren't any other elected officials from another party around to oppose them or to take partisan advantage of their debauchery.

Tyler Farrer said...

"Don't blame me...I voted for the other guys"

I have hope, yet for this crew.

Davis Didjeridu said...

Which crew is that? What evidence do you see they will be any different from the last 20 years of Republican commissions?

Tyler Farrer said...

Davis Didj,

I see two people, commenting here, that ought to be directing some criticism at the county commission.

I take it that you agree with me that this proposed budget is wrong-headed and want it changed?

Rather than accept the current direction, I am hopeful that we can turn this situation around.

J-Man said...

Isn't it Ironic that the one person who would have fought for your position was Democrat Miller.

Let's hope you are correct about helping the commission change directions, or maybe it should be you who makes a change.

Rob said...


This has nothing to do with me.

I wish more people were like Tyler. He takes the time to understand the issues and he voices his opinion.

Although you are right to say that I would have fought for Tyler's position let's not forget that the people have spoken and the election is over. There's no crying in Democratic politics!

Tyler Farrer said...

Thanks Rob! That's big of you.

Rob said...

I'm kind of a big guy anywho.