Friday, November 24, 2006

[Davis County Watch: Spending and Waste] Lessons learned from 4 Million stolen

The embezzlement of 4 Million dollars from Davis County School District can teach us a valuable lesson. When the feelings of betrayal have past, and the District is forced to contend with its books for next year, then we may learn that we can do more with less.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Rosses allegedly kept up this fraud for Twenty-one years! And, what were they doing in that time? They were trumpeting to the District the need for more money to supply the schools with what they needed. They were, in essence, inflating the existing budget to pay for their own exorbitant lifestyle.

True, the Rosses cut many more corners than is prudent for thieves. For example, they dealt out xerox copies of many textbooks. The materials were described as "crummy" by Superintendent Bowles. Yet, the fact that must not be overlooked when we address the new problem of replacing all these books is that the budget must be revised to meet the realistic needs of the District. For, many of the books, under the Rosses stewardship, were sold to the District for as much as seven times the amount charged by the publishers!

The Rosses are, of course, saying that they are innocent. They may be innocent, but if they are, they were incompetent fools with the Districts money.

When criminals, or alleged criminals, get to be in charge of budgets, then budgets grow. Now that these budgets will be returned to responsible hands, those in charge must remember in what ways they were duped. It wasn't just with "crummy" materials, but it was also in high prices.

Couple accused of $4M school scam

Posted by Tyler Farrer to Davis County Watch: Spending and Waste at 11/24/2006 11:22:00 AM