Saturday, November 25, 2006

[Davis County Watch: Citizenship] Thanksgiving: A week in review

We've had quite a bit going on this week, so I'd like to take a moment and review what has past.

Davis Lawsuit

The Davis County School District floated the idea earlier this week that the continuing lawsuit could lead to even less transparency than before.

Of course, it did.

By paying a consultant to evaluate the situation, it's anyones guess what this single individual will decide. When is the District going to involve parents?

I'm worried this lawsuit won't go away.

Charter Schools -Yea, or Nay

The Deseret News has suggested that lawmakers show restraint in the creation of new Charter Schools. A 200 page report put out by the Utah Education Policy Center suggests that this is the consensus of most parents.

Land Dispute

SL County has backed SL City in the ongoing lawsuit with North Salt Lake.

No Surprise.

Fraud in Davis County-Not a good month for the School District

Two former Davis County Employees (actually, there is another minor player) are indicted for allegedly defrauding the School District out of $4 Million dollars in five years. They likely have been doing this for 21 years, but won't be prosecuted for it. Who knows how much has been stolen in two decades?

A poorly worded post of mine prompted the suggestion that I would support continued felonious activities to be enacted upon the school district, and that I am a public school critic. This may suggest that I am anti-public school.

I, merely, intended to point out that the School District were given shoddy books at grossly inflated prices, not that we should continue to purchase "crummy" books and have someone pocket the money. I would recommend that the District take special care to implement better auditing and that it should be possible to spend much less and get much more.

As to the label, 'public school critic'. I prefer to be called a school critic. If my not being anti-private school equates me with being anti-public school, then I could be labeled as such. However, I think you can appreciate the benefits of both systems.

I do.

Is it too soon for a blogger, such as myself, to talk about reforms that could be enacted to prevent future criminal acts?

Frankly, no, but am I capitalizing on this news to make my point?

Yes. When I make 4 million dollars from 'proving my points', then talk to me about my ethics. I intend to continue drawing lessons out of situations that I encounter--good and bad.

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