Monday, November 06, 2006

[Davis County Watch: Elections]Christening the New Government

Whatever happens on Tuesday, we can be sure that a sizable chunk of the populace will be disappointed in the results. Just as we are certain that, many will be indifferent, although they weighed in for one candidate, or one ballot initiative-perhaps, without thinking, in the booth.

For those of us who care about whom is elected, let me offer this one positive outlook. No matter which individual takes office in January. No matter which party marks the win, or which special interest group, our government is never divorced from our influence. It isn't some Cruise ship that comes ashore, only, every two years for a visit. We are in this government. It is a part of us, not we of it.

Think of what could have happened, in recent years, if certain elected officials got their way.

  • 138% tax increase
  • NSL becomes Orchard Hills
  • No "Legacy Highway"
  • Constitutional Flag burning amendment
Now what about the future? What more could we, the electorate, do?