Tuesday, November 14, 2006

[Davis County Watch: Guest Bloggers] North Salt Lake is going High Tech...

I've read some controversy about the new electronic sign that is going in in the roundabout as you head up the hill. The controversy was over having something so distracting in the center of an already confusing non-intersection.

My concern is also with placement. Why in the world would the city put a sign that is supposed to announce important city-related things in an area where huge portions of the city will never see it, or even possibly be aware that it exists?

It's not something that you could see easily (or read at all) from highway 89, if you happened to be coming into the city that way. It's obvious that no location would ideal for all city residents, but placing it at the CITY BUILDING sure would have made a lot more sense.

I hate to get into "the hill people" versus "us low landers" types of arguments, but this seems a case where the city council was not thinking about all of the people they represent. I know there are good, honest people on our city council, but it is interesting that there are no city council members living below orchard drive. Seems like "us low landers" need to get a little more involved...

Posted by Allie to Davis County Watch: Guest Bloggers at 11/14/2006 02:17:00 PM