Friday, November 17, 2006

[Davis County Watch: Spending and Waste] Bountiful: City Council: Various and sundry items

Bountiful's City Council met on Tuesday to discuss the following.

  • A crosswalk will be added at 200 East and 1200 North for better student access to Tolman Elementary.
  • A recommendation to paint no parking zones on 500 West and 2700 South at Colonial Square.
  • A skate park at Tolman Park, also known as Rocket Park.
Who knew about the skate park beforehand?
What are the Pro's to adding to Rocket Park?
  • A place for skaters to congregate off of the roads.
  • "10 foot park style bowl and then an 8 foot pool, with pool cope and all. a good flow section and nice street."
  • A skate park at the Rec Center may not be built, saving the County residents money.
What are the Con's to building at Rocket Park?
  • The area is secluded and may attract child predators and crime. (The park is secluded, so this argument may hold no water)
  • No supervision, pointing to safety concerns.
  • The Park is not centrally located, and is uphill.
  • No venues are close, and buses are scarce.
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