Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vouchers: On Out-Of-State Money

I'm seeing a lot of anti-voucher ads on television. You might be asking, where is all this money coming from? You see, some months ago, criticisms of Parents for Choice were prolific about out-of-state money going into the organizations coffers.

Now, it is Utahn's for Public Education (anti-voucher) getting all of the out-of-state funds. (i.e. 1.5 million dollars from the National Education Association.)

Where are those critics now?


Jesse Harris said...

Whenever I've raised that point, I get dismissed with "they started it", "union money isn't as dirty" and so forth. No admissions whatsoever of "yeah, this has devolved into a battleground between national organizations." You can't howl when "the other side" does something and be silent when your own side does it. That kind of inconsistency is one of the worst elements of partisanship.

WP said...

I for one busted my piggy bank open and sent all my pennies to Utahn's for Public Education.

Have you been to our new Wal Mart in Centerville yet Tyler? A portion of your shopping dollars funds P for C, aren't you glad to be working with the Walton family on this?

Tyler Farrer said...

You know, I think there is nothing wrong with out-of-state funding coming here to Utah. I am just calling out the hypocrites.

No, I don't shop at Walmart, so I don't share your problem.

Mrs. Teacher said...

I read the financial filings on line. At least UTPS is transparent in their reporting of outside money. They don't deny or hide it. But, in contrast to PCE, they show lots of "inside" donations, too. Look at PCE's financial filing. They have 4 different PCE entities so they can hide individual donors. They claim to have gotten nothing from their national comrades, All Children Matter. And then, there are those mysterious pro-voucher TV commercials that ran for weeks paid for by an anonymous donor. If they want to hide their funding so badly, what(and who)else are they hiding?

Jesse Harris said...

See? This is what I'm talking about, the "our money isn't as dirty as their money" nonsense. It's still tainted and the moral superiority high horse is really annoying and has NOTHING to do with the issue at hand. Ad hominem attacks are weak sauce.