Saturday, September 15, 2007

Calculation Error: Higher Assesments For Bountiful, NSL


"In that process, appraisers made some data-entry errors, Ivie said, and Bountiful's new growth rate was set at 8 percent - as seen in other parts of the county - rather than the city's actual 4 percent. "
Via SL Tribune


Jeremy said...

The "calculation error" spoken of in this article was an error in the way new growth was calculated...not assessments of existing parcels. The author of the piece you linked didn't explain that very well.

A mistake made while implementing a new software interface between the Assessor data and the Auditor data caused the problem. There were higher assessments for brand new homes or homes with building permits taken out in 2006 but not for typical homes already in existence.

The increases in value seen by most people in Bountiful results not from a software glitch or calculation error but from such a long interval between re-assessments in that city.

Just trying to clarify :-)

Tyler Farrer said...

I'm glad you did. I was sure that there was more to the story.