Friday, September 28, 2007

Abolish Property Taxes: Reap The Whirlwind

I've heard it suggested that maybe it is time to replace the property tax with a sales tax, or something else. I haven't favored this because it would leave local governments powerless to control revenue. I don't want everything in the hands of the state because then I have to direct all of my ire to the legislature to lower taxes.

That said, Davis county government hasn't shown yet they are qualified to control spending either.

Now the Tax Foundation has sided with me on this.

Before I see property tax abolished, I'll vote the local bums out.


RudiZink said...

Pay your property taxes and quit complaining, you cheap bastards.

Your tax bill has increased because your property is worth more than that of your neighbors. You should all be grateful for that, and "cash out."

If you can't afford to live in your home anymore, move somewhere else, (like out in the desert) and make room for people who CAN AFFORD to live in your wonderful community.

There's no room for whiners in the Brave New World of neoCON Republican politics!


Tyler Farrer said...


Do pay attention because I'll say this only once.

Tax increases cause higher taxes.
Property Value increases bring higher assessments too.

In our county we have both. I'm upset about the tax increase, however.

Rob said...

No New Taxes!

Sorry Tyler, I couldn't resist.