Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hyperbole Of The Day: 'No Brainer'

"This is the biggest 'no brainer' in the history of the Earth."

--Steve Handy, spokesman for the Northern Utah Transportation Alliance on the proposed transit tax hike.
Setting aside the possibility of exaggeration, Is there anything about taxes, or tax increases that should be a 'no brainer'? This should raise a red flag about the proposed transit tax hike.


Davis Didjeridu said...

No kidding. I am personally planning to vote against it. I am not necessarily against increasing taxes for this issue, but we should be investing almost entirely in public transit in Northern Utah. Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment has a lot of reasons why we should do this instead of road-centric solutions. Given that Salt Lake County used their tax increase from their ballot question last year on mostly roads, belying the UTA-colored signs, makes me weary of this question's viability.