Thursday, March 02, 2006

South Davis Rec Center: Then and Now

My wife pointed out to me, yesterday, this listing in the Clipper. (Bolding added)

"The South Davis Recreation District is seeking an experienced Marketing/Office Manager for a new $23 million Recreation Center now under construction in Bountiful. The center is scheduled to be finished November 2006. Under the direction of the Executive Director, the Marketing/Office Manager would be responsible for organizing & implementing marketing strategies for all Recreation Center programs. Manage a variety of administrative & general office activities needed to organize & coordinate the successful operation of recreation programs & services. The District is offering a competitive salary & benefit package, with a salary range up to $52,000 plus retirement, medical, sick & vacation leave, & other benefits. A college degree in marketing, office management, business administration or a related field is required, with a minimum of 2 yrs of direct office management experience in a large recreation office or similar setting. To apply, submit a resume by 5pm Feb 28, 2006 to: South Davis Recreation District, C/O John Miller, 790 South 100 East, Bntfl, Ut 84010. For a full job description or other questions, call (801)298-6220."
It seems that building a Rec Center for 23 million taxpayer dollars is something, of which, to be proud?? Compare the above posting with the following quote taken from Citizens for Tax Fairness.
"January 22, 2005: “The bad news is that even before construction has started, the new South Davis rec center is $600,000 over budget. The good news is that Brent Tippets of VCBO Architectural says being overbudget at this stage isn’t unusual…. Tippets said the board shouldn’t yet consider eliminating any contingencies, however. He added that the project shouldn’t get higher than $20 million.” (Comment: Less than six months later the project was $2.7 million over budget)."

"May 12, 2005: “Faced with spiraling construction material costs, the South Davis Recreation District has reduced the size of its new center. But district board Chairman Joe Johnson emphasized the reductions were “things we felt we could reduce and not affect the quality of the facility or the programming. “The patrons when they go in will not notice the reductions,” he told the Clipper. To keep costs in line with bond funds approved by voters last August, the size of the facility will be reduced from about 160,000 square feet to 140,000 square feet.”

"July 14, 2005: “Preliminary construction work may be under way at the South Davis Recreation Center site, but final plans are still being mulled over and “fine-tuned.” That’s because, faced with a 20 percent escalation in construction material costs, funds just won’t stretch as far, said Bountiful Mayor Joe Johnson….“It’s a challenge, no question about it. I’m still tremendously optimistic. We’ll end up with a good pool, good ice skating rink, exercise area. It just won’t be as spacious,” he said. After various bids were assembled within the last weeks, a shortfall of at least $2 million was calculated."
So, the person that applies for this Marketing Job should know this. The Rec Center shouldn't have gotten higher than $20 million, but did. Market that!