Monday, March 27, 2006

Have you seen me?? --Citizens For Tax Fairness

Demonstrating his frugality, Ronald Mortensen has opted to use as his campaign website. 'CFTF' has never asked for contributions, and the money for the domain was put up by Ron himself, so this is more than welcome in my view. Those who may see a conspiracy in this can rest assured that CFTF will take a stand for government to cut spending on everything but the core functions of government. Indeed, this seems a primary focus of Mortensen's campaign. I will have to ask Ron if the $20 he spent on the domain name was counted as a tax-deduction, or not. So, keep an eye out for, a somewhat emaciated, Citizen Watchdog. I'm thinking of printing some stickers, with pictures of the noble pooch, to be placed the side of milk jugs everywhere. From now until May 1st contributions made to my paypal account will go for that purpose.

In the meantime, I give you the much improved Campaign website (really,

The small print: No tax deductions were had by any person due to their involvement with Citizens for Tax Fairness.