Friday, March 31, 2006

Clipper:SLC seeking to condemn 80 NSL acres

I'm taking a break from election talk to revisit an old issue. The North Salt Lake-Salt Lake land dispute. SLC is filinga motion to condemn all 80 acres as opposed to the 13 originally condemned. Mayor Briggs thinks that SLC's decision to condemn all 80 acres of NSL owned land would be better for SLC. However, I feel better about that decision than having the 13 acres along the County border condemned if we lose in court.

Condemning just the border land would be seen by all as a dirty trick by SLC to pay only minimal compensation and still acheive the goal of halting development. Now SLC doesn't have to answer the question in court of why they condemned only part of the total land. It's tougher for NSL to win in court, but less costly if we lose.

SLC seeking to condemn 80 NSL acres