Monday, April 14, 2008

Rep. Neuenschwander's Nay Votes

I've been looking at the voting record for Paul Neuenschwander for this last session, particularly his 'Nay' votes on bills that passed into law. I wanted to get an idea of times that he took an unpopular position to see if I agreed or disagreed with his stances. I've included his absent 'vote', because he may have wished not to vote in favor of the bill, but didn't want to come out in opposition. (That's highly unlikely considering the strong stances he's taken elsewhere, but nonetheless I've put it up for your consideration)

  • HB0015 Control and Prevention of Sexually Transmitted--Nay
    • This bill mandates that Health Departments statewide provide literature to Physicians and the general public to educate on the risks of STD's--Cost: $175,000
    • My assessment: Plenty of educational materials already exist that accomplishes this same goal. I hardly a reason to appropriate money for this purpose. Here are the latest statistics on STD's in Utah.
  • HB0104 Urban Trails Appropriation--Absent
    • This bill appropriated up to $500,000 dollars from the General Fund to build the Bonneville Trail.
  • HB0122 Driver License - Application of Minor Amendments--Nay
    • This bill says that Foster parents can co-sign on an application for a learners permit or driver license. It appears to make Foster parents less liable for damages, in some cases, than a parent, or other legal guardian would face were the minor to be in an accident.
  • HB0294S01 Appropriation Limit Amendments - Fire Suppression--Nay
  • HB0332S01 Use of Public Schools by Community Organizations--Nay
    • This bill modifies provisions of the State System of Public Education code relating to the use of public school buildings and grounds as a civic center. It appears to limit the school boards ability to restrict access to school property. Formerly, they did not need to have a reason other than the use is "inadvisable". Under this bill it has to interfere with a school function or purpose to not be allowed.
  • HB0410 Restricted Accounts Amendments--Nay
    • This bill moves interest from certain accounts into the General Fund to the tune of about $1.66 million dollars in 2009 and again in 2010.
  • HB0466 Title Insurance Recovery, Education, Amended In Committee--Nay
  • HJR004 Joint Resolution Urging School Closings to Recognize Veterans Day--Nay
Overall, I'd say I agree with his positions, where I understand the particulars. Keep in mind, these bills all passed and will be law, like it or not. He took fiscally conservative positions where applicable. In one case he took a position that would have given local school boards greater latitude to do their jobs.


Natalie said...

How did he vote on the soccer stadium 2 sessions ago? And did he vote against the ammendment to the omnibus ed bill that would have removed the $4 million program to provide preschoolers with computers and internet access?

Representative Neuenschwander seems to have no problem voting in a fiscally irresponsible way when asked to by legislative leadership.

I think that Representative Neuenschwander is a really nice guy, but I want a representative that represents me, not Greg Curtis.

Tyler Farrer said...

Hi Natalie,

Nice to hear from you again...Yes, I know, I'll be more active in my blogging.

I limited the scope of this post to just the passed bills from this session, and just the 'Nay' votes. That being said, I'm not going to speak to other bills (i.e. the ones you bring up) in this post. There were over 400 of them to go through, so please don't ask me to go back to another session this time around. That deserves another post of its own.

There is plenty of room to discuss your favorite bills in another post, I'm sure.

gadd37 said...

Just remember....a vote for Paul Neuenschwander is a vote for Greg Curtis....guaranteed!

I will NOT support re-electing Paul.

Jordan said...

Becky is a Democrat - voting for a Democrat in the Western States Primary after stating she held a fundraiser for Mitt Romney. Ask her when she registered as a Republican. And, someone please tell Becky that universal health care is a democratic issue - I think she forgets which party she is running for sometimes. Paul is a republican for real.