Saturday, April 12, 2008

2008 County Convention Results

The County Convention today has left us with a primary race between Ronald Mortensen and Dan Liljenquist(no website). That's two down from eight candidates that entered the convention at Woods Cross High this morning.

The chance to narrow the choices of the electorate is why we go.

John Petroff won the nomination of the party and will represent Republicans in a race for the County Commission.

I'll stand behind Petroff in his race, and will campaign for Ronald Mortensen (no surprise to my regulars) in his Senate Race.

More later.


Jeremy said...

I couldn't support Mr. Mortensen because his proposal for altering ad valorem property valuation to use acquisition value is just too foolish on its face and harmful to average Utahns.

I haven't met John Petroff but did have a chance to speak briefly with Ms. Riddle and am of the opinion that she would have made a formidable commissioner.