Thursday, April 17, 2008

Controversial Legislative Votes

In my last post Natalie questioned whether Rep. Neuenschwander had voted for amendments that became the dreaded Omnibus bill, and whether he had voted for the REAL soccer funding bill that was so controversial.

Appropriate to this occasion is this article where Speaker Curtis is taken to task for pushing the omnibus bill.

The Tribune specifies that there were no attempts by legislative leadership to twist arms to pass the bill. Neuenschwander went along with the majority and voted for this bill. It should be no surprise that a certain Bountiful legislator, I won't mention Rep. Sheryl Allen's name except in passing, is leading the charge against the Speaker with a certain School Board member, again no mention of Kim Burningham, towing the same line.

As to the REAL stadium, I will remind our reader that this issue came to a head in 2006 and that funding was in place for the stadium before Neuenschwander was elected and could vote.

So, just as I support the Bountiful Rec Center now that it is built, it seems that Neuenschwander now supports the REAL stadium.