Friday, January 18, 2008

NSL Judge Resigns

North Salt Lake Judge Michael Crippen has resigned. He says that his parting with the city is amicable. More power to him in his private practice. I still remember the time last year that my wife appeared before him for a parking violation. The exchange went like this.

Judge Crippen: How do you plead?
My Wife: (gulp) not guilty
Judge: (eyes grow wide) Did you park your car in the road?
My wife: Yes.
Me: Hi, can I say something?
Judge: Who are you? Are you the muscle?
Me: I'm her husband. Where we live, the street bows out in the middle, and is on our property. She was parked on our land.
Bailiff Bailey: Oh yes, ...that is their property...That's their property.
Judge: Well since Officer Bailey vouches for you, I guess you must be not guilty.

I'm sure we were the only folks who walked out of that courtroom smiling that day.


WP said...

Tyler, have you been pumping iron?

Tyler Farrer said...

No, that's what made the comment from the judge so funny. I think he thought I was twisting my wife's arm to get her to testify not guilty.

I was doing that, but only because she was actually innocent.

It helped to have the Bailiff vouch for us, though.