Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Commissioner Hansen Not To Run For Reelection

Commissioner Hansen has telegraphed his intention to return to the private sector. His leaving opens the question of what we want most in our County Commission, but let us not forget the good job he tried to do as we look forward.

Commissioner Hansen distinguished himself from the old-guard by donating a good portion of his income to charity, making the point that his job paid too well. I, for one, would have preferred charity for charities sake, rather than giving only to make a political point.

His energy to change attitudes towards taxation seemed diminished after he had been on the job for a while. Maybe he realized that much of his rhetoric fell on deaf ears when it was aimed at his cohorts? Maybe he thought his campaign rhetoric had been wrong? Let's say that he demonstrated a willingness to listen to ways to save money at the county, but he lacked the strength that comes from being an outsider. I wonder how well a blue-dog Democrat would do in his position? I've been told that they would meet criteria that a Republican cannot. They are notable outsiders in Davis County. They are difficult to "fool"--at least they claim as much. I mean, who would join a losing party and then turn around and act the lemming? Is there really a difference between Republican and Democrat in Davis County except that one party wins, while the other languishes?

Commissioner Hansen has been responsible for the on-the-job training that both Downs and Millburn have received. How much their attitudes towards fiscal responsibility have changed since they were elected?

I haven't forgotten the time that the Utah Restaurant Association proposed that Counties pitch in for the cost of advertising for Utah restaurants. I quickly emailed the commission, and had an almost instant reply from Commissioner Hansen expressing his concern that the county not be forced to comply in this regard. That made it into a bill that was considered by the legislature. How fortunate were we that A) Our county paid enough attention so as not to volunteer to subsidize the advertisements, and B) they put forward the right kind of lobbying effort to stop a bill that would force the subsidy, and C) the legislature did not fall into the trap and pass the bill. In this regard, Alan Hansen did very well in my eyes, and I'll be sad to see him go.

Salt Lake Trib: Davis Commissioner Hansen won't seek re-election