Tuesday, December 11, 2007

SL Trib: Davis County mulls permanent swimming pool ban on diapered babies

The Tribune is reporting that the Davis Health Department is considering whether it would be best to institute a permanent ban on diapered babies in public swimming pools. Considering the likelihood of a rebound on the cryptosporidiosis parasite that struck this year, I favor the ban.

Not only would this preserve and protect the health of the general public, but those infants with still developing immune systems.

Those of us with small babies can wait until our kids are potty trained.


WP said...

My Deacons and I are supposed to complete the swimming requirement for El Debir a Dios but we are hesitant to enter the pool. Maybe we will 'wave' it this year because of the risks.

I would support a ban and welcome more frequent testing for micro-organisms etc. How often do you suppose the water is tested?

Tyler Farrer said...

Good question. It need not be tested as much if hygiene is given a higher priority.

Jesse Harris said...

Babies poop. They can't control it. Poop in a public body of water is BAD. The discussion should have been over a long time ago.

Allie said...

My potty-trained-three-year-old pooped at swimming lessons once.

I was shocked that they didn't clear the pool. They just strung a rope to section off part of the pool (as if the water isn't going to pass the rope line...).

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