Thursday, November 01, 2007

Vote 2007: My Dance Card

I'll be voting for Shanna Schaefermeyer for NSL Mayor. Ron Gordon, Stan Porter, and Brian Horrocks for city council. I'll support Scott Briggs if he can win without my vote. He hasn't proven to me that he can do more than sign a pledge not to raise taxes.

I'm clearly voting for vouchers, and if they fail I want ideas on how to prepare for this states education challenges to come from those that opposed vouchers. And, you can't say spend more money. That isn't a serious answer.

I'd vote against the R.A.P if I had to, but NSL has opted out. (One reason to vote no is that it is only really an A. tax to pay for Arts. Like batteries, Recreation and Parks are not included.) I'm voting against the sales tax increase, because it doesn't help my town at all.


Davis Didjeridu said...

You have yet to explain why more funds are not a serious answer. Almost every other state in the nation spends more per pupil, every other state in the region pays teachers more (except maybe Idaho). How about fixing those two things to start? Is that not being serious? Or should we just accept that our legislature is an misrepresentative body who will never represent the will of the people?

Tyler Farrer said...

Every other state in the union has fewer students in public schools. Every other state has a higher percentage of land it can tax for education.

Money isn't the answer, unless you spend it well.

Tyler Farrer said...
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