Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Let The Real Debate Begin

I seem to feel a new vitality for blogging that has been somewhat missing of late. Not because I won anything in last nights vote, but precisely because I lost.

Now that vouchers have expired, I can finally get some serious answers from folks who support education. That includes people from both camps that supported, or opposed vouchers. Sure the rhetoric won't completely vanish, but those who are sincere will re-emerge into the political light and, hopefully, start hammering out some real solutions. I think there are a lot of serious folks who retreated from the heated debate these last few months, that will now open up some good discussions.


J-Man said...

Debates have a winner and a loser. How about we work on solutions, Tyler.

Tyler Farrer said...

Oh, come now. Debate is built into the process. We have debate so that we can have solutions.

Arguments win or lose based on merit. People win or lose based on their integrity to the truth.

Part of the problem with debate during the voucher debacle has been the lack of honesty of the participants. People took it personally and let their pride get in the way of reason.

y-intercept said...

I would love to see more debate in our society about the foundations of education.

Unfortunately, this election was pretty much a total rout. It says Utahns really aren't interested in different teaching philosophies or techniques. If anything the election says that Utahns would like to see their schools turn even further to the left and have even less parental influence on a child's education than they do today.

I think the UEA will be able to wave these election results in the face of the legislature and stave off any attempts at education reform from parents or elected officials for a decade to come.

Facing the fact that any sort of education reform is impossible in wake of the rout, any attempt by politicians or parents to affect the education of our children really is just a waste of breath.