Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Election Results:2007

It looks like participating cities got their RAP tax. My picks for NSL won. The sales tax increase was a big NO!

Of interest in Bountiful; Scott Myers came in first for the city council followed by Beth Holbrook, who recently ran for a lege seat, and John (Marc) Knight.

For complete election results see KSL.com


WP said...

One of my Centerville picks won, Paul Cutler. My other two choices did not get their names published -- John Lennon and Elvis Presley. There were a hundred plus write-ins though. Don't know if John or the King got any other votes??

It was a nice election year in that no campaign signs had to be printed for Centerville Council candidates since there were three vacancies and only three applied for the job.

Ryan said...

No RAP for West Bountiful, yay!