Friday, October 19, 2007

Suggestion Box: South Davis Candidates

This post is for those who are either running for office, or know someone who is running for office, to get a chance to step up and say why the candidate should be elected. I clearly don't have the time or inclination to investigate fully all candidates that should be under the purview of this blog. It is an unfortunate corollary to living in NSL that I will devote most of my energy to the campaign here.

I do, however, care about the other races. So, if you will leave your comments to this post, we'll see what impact we can have on the election here.

Some suggestions on items you can also leave in the comments include candidate website links, email addresses, and phone numbers for the campaigns.


David said...

Another option for candidates would be to get their information up on

Currently the only candidates covered there are in a few races around Utah county, but I would be happy to put up information in other races if I get the information. Each race would have a unique URL for those who want to view candidates on a race-by-race basis.

Tyler Farrer said...

Excellent suggestion.

Great site too!