Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ron Paul: Beacon Of Fiscal Discipline

I spent more than an hour last night on the phone with a candidate running for city council in North Salt Lake. All considered, I was quite impressed. That is up until he began to cite Ron Paul as an example of what philosophy should be taken in regards to the cities fiscal discipline.

Ron Paul?

"You do realize that Ron Paul doesn't have a chance of winning this election?", I asked. I just wanted to make sure that he wasn't nuts.

He told me he might vote for Paul, but the state was going to vote for Romney anyway, so it wouldn't matter.

True enough.


Hotchney Coulis said...

If you don't think Ron Paul is a good example of fiscal discipline then God help you. I'm pleased to hear him say this. At least someone has principle and knows what's important as opposed to your unimpressive "he's not going to win" comment.

Tyler Farrer said...

Of course Paul is a good example of fiscal discipline, as well as a lot of nuttery.

My point is that the nutso facto arguments that Ron Paul makes out-shines the valid arguments.

What is "unimpressive" about the acknowledgment that Paul won't win?