Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Election 2007: Local Candidates List--Rough Draft

North Salt Lake

• Shanna Schaefermeyer (mayor)

• Lynn Ballard (mayor)

• John Herndon

• Kelly Davis

• Scott Briggs

Ron Gordon

• Brian Horrocks

• Stan Porter

Woods Cross

• Rick Earnshaw

• Jill Evans

• Cory Green

• David Hill

• Gary Sharp

• Ryan Westergard


• Ken Averett

• Paul A. Cutler

• Lawrence Wright


• John M. (Marc) Knight

• Richard L. Higginson

• Scott C. Myers

• Beth Holbrook

---Some of the below candidates have been whittled down via a primary.

West Bountiful

• James Bruhn

• Alan Malan

• Kenneth Romney

• Jeff Tingey

• Brad Hansen

• Troy D. Larsen

• Joseph Child

• Valerie Shaw

• Roger Wray

10/10 Updated links.


Natalie said...

Ron Gordon's website is and he can be reached by email at ronandnataliegordon at msn dot com.


Rob said...
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Rob said...

Did anyone notice that Scott Meyer's signs say "re-elect". He was appointed, never elected. Not a great way to start a political career off with a lie.

Incumbent would have been okay.