Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Utah Rattler Outs Members Of Historical Board

The Utah Rattler has outed board members of the 'Bountiful Historical yadayda' as being members of the City Council and, formerly, the sitting Mayor.

Joe Johnson is entrenched in a number of extra-curricular boards.

Question, yet unanswered. Is it illegal for a sitting elected official to fund raise on the clock, and on the taxpayers bill, for a non-profit?


Davis Didjeridu said...

While I share some of the concern about this situation, your question is somewhat moot in Bountiful because of the extremely part-time status of the City Council. My question is how many times, during their fund raising, did they mention they were elected officials?

Tyler Farrer said...

Actually, it isn't moot at all if they host the site for the Historical group on the city servers.

Remember when Rocky got in trouble for arranging protests with the city email.

The rules are very strict on these things.

Is it right to promise taxpayer dollars to a non-profit?