Monday, April 30, 2007

If Rob Bishop Gets Within Striking Distance

I may not have the verbiage exactly right, but at the Davis County Republican Convention last Saturday, Rob Bishop was at the podium handling business on amendments to the party constitution. One such amendment would have given the Vice-Chairs, the Davis County Republican Women, and the Teenage Republicans both membership and a vote on a crucial body. One substitute amendment would have removed two of these groups from the amendment.

Bishop summarized the motion this way.

'So we're clear, the vote we are now having is to strike the women and the children.'


RudiZink said...

Rob Bishop, and the rest of the elected right wing socialist party claque forever try to take the control of the GOP party from its grassroots -- the people who reside in the precincts.

They keep trying us on with that B.S.

Elected GOP officials in Utah consider "the people" to be too fickle, unpredictable and ephemeral.

These elected officials, such as Rep. Bishop, want to control your county party with "Top Down" government -- something that your local Republican Party ought not tolerate.

So how did it go?

Did Commissar Bishop "Have his way with you?"

We have yet to see any comprehesive report of WHAT REALLY HAPPENED at the Davis County Republican convention.

Natalie said...

I have reported on the voucher resolution on

Tyler should be able to get a pretty good report. Even though he had to leave early, it was like a family reunion for him. You couldn't swing a cat without hitting either his dad or his in-laws.

But why would you want to swing a cat?

Tyler Farrer said...

Huh? The 'strike the women' comment was a slip of the tongue and I was trying relate a humorous moment, but oh well.

Oh, and Natalie, if you've never swung a cat at one of my relatives you've never lived.

y-intercept said...

First the Republicans want school vouchers and now they want the return of corporal punishment.