Thursday, August 03, 2006

Two opinions on Taxes: Where North Korea and Cuba meet

The Clipper, lovely paper that it is, has posted two opinions on the proposition of raising taxes within Davis County. (There is no indication on the Clipper website as to who wrote each article, but I've sorted it out for you below.)

Anyway, the articles reveal a lot about who wrote them. Sanders, a Democrat, is proposing a moral equivalency test that compares Davis County with North Korea and Cuba. Sanders seems to imply that because our County is largely Republican, that it's citizens have become the victims of starvation--which, I'll agree is the program of many a Dictatorship. Where I disagree is in how he is associating Davis County Government with some of the more heartless, evil, governments that have ever existed on planet earth. Because we have Golf Professionals in the County does not imply that we are neglecting our duty to provide for our Women, Infants, and Children. It does say something about what we, collectively, think of golf.

I, myself, don't play golf and think it should be abolished. Why our fearless leaders have restrained themselves in issuing such a decree I can't say?

Even I have, once upon a time, drawn a comparison between Davis County and Cuba. But, I never said that our people don't get fed because of the government. (In an earlier blog post I compared our Channel 17 with Cuba's state run Television channel.) What Sanders has implied of the Republican Party in this county is reprehensible!

Todd Weiler heads the Republican Party for the county and wrote a more reasonable and, therefore, dull opinion. Well, it's not controversial enough to discuss here. You may follow the link, and read it, yourself.

Gregory J. Sanders

Todd Weiler