Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Politics: Where are you Grounded?

Which of the three categories below do you feel is most important? Which is the least important?

Personal Ideology
Political Party
The Candidate

Some of you might be like my grandmother who voted for the most physically attractive candidate. This is the type of person that puts a lot of stock in who the person is running for office, but not much thought goes into what the the party wants. Your spouse could be the candidate in question in which case ideology, and party, are not considerations. You may pick a candidate based upon how well they have acted as leaders. You base your decision on the perceived success or failure of a politician-not their ideas-not their party.

Others of you may actually oppose 'ideologues'. You are Party people. You were born Republican, and you will stay so. You don't want any candidates religious, or personal, beliefs to bleed, too much, into their policy. Or, you see everyone else joining the Republican Party, and can't see a reason to follow the crowd, like lemmings. Instead, you're a Utah Democrat.

The third choice is the 'idealogue'. They wear their principles like a badge of honor. This individual may not show any loyalty at all to the candidate when the candidate appears to compromise. They don't always vote the party line, but will if it furthers their cause.

You may value a mixture of these, or have a different backstory than I have provided here, but you should generally find one of these criteria to be preeminent over the others. Which one do you choose? Personal Ideology? Political Party? The Candidate?