Monday, June 26, 2006 | Davis recreation center opening may be delayed


  • The Rec Center may not be ready for December 1st, but will be finished eventually.
  • Do not be alarmed.
  • Do not get out of line to buy your family pass or you will lose your spot.
  • Senior citizens may be required to walk in a circle for one year before they will be charged. | Davis recreation center opening may be delayed


wordsfromhome said...

It seems bizarre to me that we are purchasing pools for the new rec center from ITALY. Can we not support business closer to home that that? Are there no local, regional, or even national (48 state) based companies that could provide these for us? Did the Italian firm win by low bid, including the cost of freight? Was there a clause in the contract about timely delivery? There was so much left unsaid in the Deseret News article. Just another example of how worthless many new articles are. They headline an issue but never get down to the facts that would help the reader understand what the issue was.

NatGo said...

Very good point! We should investigate this further. I'll do some homework and e-mail Mayor Briggs. I'll report back soon.