Monday, May 23, 2005

What are Davis County's greatest challenges?

During last weeks Townhall meeting, the Commissioners were asked what they thought the greatest challenges Davis County faces over the next three years. Dannie McConkie, replied that the population in the county is anticipated to boom to 500,000 by 2010(figure supplied by Steve Rawlings is 30 years from now). The previous estimate on the County website estimates 310,000 by 2010. As a result of the boom, Commissioner McConkie promised more tax increases for education. McConkie's flawed logic assumes that the tax base will remain the same, while the population will double. Doubling the population in five years, increases the tax base, and will actually bring in more money, not less. (Considering that the original dates were wrong, I'll have to ask McConkie whether he plans on raising taxes while he is in office. He certainly anticipates the County raising them in the next 30 years, but that won't be on his watch.)

Commissioner Page had previously noted that the citizens have always approved tax increases for education, seemingly, signaling her intention to ask for further increases. Is education really the black hole for funding that Page says it is? When I think of my personal finances, I cannot think of a single item in my budget that does not have an upper limit. I even have limits on what I can spend on my healthcare. The false assumption is that by paying even more money into public education, the quality of the education will improve. The opposite approach; taking money from public education, would actually place more responsibility for education on the parents. Public funds cannot replace the love of a parent for their child. With the majority of our taxes going to education, and the increased revenue generated from a growing population, a tax increase cannot be justified.