Friday, May 13, 2005

Davis County School District sponsors special interests

This would fall into the category of old news if it had ever been reported by any news outlet. Did you know that Davis County School District was a backer of special interest? Back on February 24th, at an awards dinner that was held by the National Conference of Community and Justice, Davis County School District was listed as a sponsor. NCCJ lobbies to establish public policy affirmitively for issues such as Hate Crimes legislation, Employment Discrimination, and Native American Mascots. More information is available on Citizens for Tax Fairness. Does a public school have any business backing a group such as this?

Aside: The former leader of NCCJ, recently made a statement characterizing the yet, unfinished movie, The Passion of the Christ, as Anti-semitic for filming scenes that follow the thread of the Gospels, rather than playing down any Jewish involvement in the crucifixion, as some would like. Of course, actual reviewers of the movie, including Orthodox Jew, Michael Medved, fully endorsed the film.