Friday, May 27, 2005

Meeting with Steve Rawlings

I met with Steve Rawlings this morning, and it was a pleasant experience. I learned some things that I will summarize below.

  • The State of Utah is paying, roughly, half of what it should to Davis County for housing the 100-150 Prison inmates at Davis County Jail. They've committed to pay 75% of the total cost.
  • The County plans on using many of the Jail inmates to landscape the new Jail extension to save money.
  • Davis County pays about $10,000 a year into Cable 17.
  • Davis Counties population will be at 500,000 in about 30 years (not 5).
  • Those parts of the County that only have culinary water are paying extra, thanks to the added cost of flouride. (North Salt Lake has especially high cost in taxes because the Golf Course is watered in this fashion) North Salt Lake residents pay an extra $40 average, whereas other areas with secondary water can pay as low as $1 extra.