Friday, June 13, 2008

Who is Running a Frugal Campaign?

Dan Liljenquist is into overkill. He appears to have outspent Ron Mortensen more than 12:1 on his campaign for things like $400 for Google Earth Pro. Purpose: Voter mapping software. So, Dan took advantage of Google Earth Pro's ability to import spreadsheet data in order to visualize and target the right demographic. While I'm certain that the result he got from the software was stunning, there are cheap as in free ways of doing the same things that I've used myself using Google Maps. Clearly not as cool, but just as effective.

Is Liljenquist going to be as liberal with taxpayer dollars as he is in his campaign expenditures? Also, note the $11,000 loan he gave to his own campaign.


Jeremy said...

Ron Mortenson's foolish property tax proposals disqualify him as someone I'd trust in office.

Here's hoping Liljenquist's spending pays off in giving us a more sensible state senator next session than we'd ever get in Mr. Mortenson.

Phill said...

How can someone say it is foolish to want to pay less in tax? How can a Republican think that we should stand by and allow any branch of government to go unchecked by its constituents and raise taxes on a whim? Ron Mortensen is an honest and intelligent man. I want someone like Ron to represent me especially when it comes to opening up my wallet and handing more of my hard earned money to the government. Foolish is a "Republican" candidate who spends a fortune to buy a political office with the intention to represent the status quo!

Unknown said...

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